Lumi Farm

Lumi Farm Rocking Spring
Converts kinetic energy into light and sound

Product Specification


Maximum Fall Height


Minimum Undersurfacing Requirements

Area – 6.4 sqm (2.8m x 2.3m)


Body – HDPE sheet

Seat – LLDPE rotational molding

Spring – Powder-coated Steel

Footing – Galvanised Steel

Fixings – Galvanised Steel


Total Height – 815mm

Body Length – 810mm

Body Width – 300mm

Weight – 20kg

Spare parts – Available to order


EN 1176-1:2008


ISO 9001:2008


Age group – 3 to 12 years

Level of supervision – Young children should be supervised and inappropriate activities discouraged

Playspaces – Public parks, schools, early childhood centres, commercial play areas

Environment – Shade preferred for user comfort and protection.

– Salt air environments may reduce life of steel

Vandalism resistance – Low susceptibility

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